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Lena Swanberg

Fotograf: Kenth Wångklev

Lena Swanberg is a singer, composer and voice coach who lives in Stockholm. Lena graduated 2009 with a double degree from the Royal College of Music in Stockholm where she studied musician’s program (jazz bachelor) and teacher’s program (teacher’s license).

She has collaborated with some of the best musicians from Swedish and European jazz scene. Lena’s debut album The Art of Staying Young and Unhurt was released in 2012 (Playground/Diesel Music).

After three albums collaborating with composer and big bandleader Ann-Sofi Söderqvist (Point of view, The Story of Us, Move), her new solo album comes out spring 2020.

Lena has experience from teaching students from the age of 7 up to 80 and is also teaching ensemble playing, songwriting and leading choirs in both municipal and her private coaching business.